Conservative Anti-Racism FAQ

Here are some questions that I have been asked about my experiences and this site:


Why did you decide to create this site?
Short answer: to bring light to the nations. I feel that it is important for the conservative libertarian communities to be aware that anti-semitism and racism still exist in the 21st century. Also, these ideals have become pervasive throughout our organizations such as the Tea Parties, Immigration Reform, Trump campaign, etc. There are cult like organizations whose members prey on fears and misrepresent themselves. Sometimes, the people involved in these groups do not tell potential recruits what they are involved in until it’s too late. They will not show you a swastika, burning cross, or mention Hitler until after much conditioning, love bombing, etc. I love my friends and want them to have the tools and knowledge necessary to uncover this dark, dark world that most do not know still exists.

My first brush with them was during the illegal immigration issue as a (now former) Ron Paul supporter. When they first approached me, I was blogging about being Jewish – I was told “we don’t hate Jews” and “we only want to protect the borders.” I think they wanted to “save me” from committing “race treason” by embracing my Jewish faith. Or, simply wanted to abuse and live off of a Jewish girl. (It’s hardly “race treason” to change what I am.)

I have had real life exposure to the world that White Nationalists live in. I endured quite a bit of abuse. I was told I should die because I support “k-kes.” I got a protection order and am fine. Because of my experience, I want to shed light on this extremely dark world of White Nationalism that seems to be pervasive throughout the liberty and “truther” movements.

What is the significance of the nickname “Miss Maccabee”?
I am sure that you have heard of Hanukkah. The story behind the holiday is about the Maccabees. The Maccabean revolt was an uprising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religion (sounds like Hitler) and against the Jews who supported him. It was a struggle between “Judaism” and “Hellenism.” As an American Jew, I see too many of my fellow Jews “Hellenizing” today by voting for liberal Democrats and not being Torah observant. They have forgotten that we are a strong people, not some stereotype, Woody Allen-like figure.

Do you work for the government or a group like the SPLC/ADL/etc?
Contrary to what some have said in WN circles, I do not get a paycheck from the ADL/SPLC/FBI/etc. I do not desire one, though the prospect of working to stop anti-semitism etc on a full time basis is interesting. However, I have worked in my field for almost 20 years and would need to take a pay cut. I have earned a double Masters, as well as several professional certifications. So, I make plenty of money in my day job. (Work – something they won’t do because personal achievement is “Jewish.”) I will, however, volunteer information I have to law enforcement, political, and law abiding groups. I gladly contribute financially to the SPLC and ADL, among others. And, I decide what to write and what not to write.

What is race treason?
Generally, it means doing something that mixes your DNA with another race, namely having relationships outside of your race. Some consider having friends of other races as race treason. Converting to a “non-White” religion ie Judaism is race treason. (Though, they don’t seem to mind Islam.) In some circles, the penalty for race treason is death.

What is a mischling?
In WWII Germany, a mischling was a person who is part-Jewish & part-German. It basically means half-breed. There are different degrees of mischling and what you could do in Nazi Germany depended on “how Jewish you were.” During WWII, I would have been considered a mischling 2nd degree. This means at least one of my grandparents was of Jewish descent. To get along in Nazi Germany I would have had to disavow my background, disown my non-German relatives, and be a “proper German woman.” I could have married a German man or attended a higher education institution. I could have avoided the concentration camps by being good and keeping my mouth shut. (See a trend?)

Would I have been good and kept my mouth shut?
No 😉

What does WN mean?
WN means White Nationalist. Additionally, there are Black, Hispanic, etc nationalists too. Sometimes, they refer to themselves as racialists or white civil rights workers.

Isn’t a White Nationalist a White Supremacist?
Basically, but there is a difference between the two:

White Nationalist – Believes that white, non-Jewish people should have a homeland of their own. There are Black Nationalists (Black Panthers), Hispanic Nationalists (Aztlan), etc. There are Jewish Nationalists as well.
White Supremacist – Believes that white, non-Jews are superior to non-whites.

WNs use this for recruiting by saying it isn’t hateful to want a homeland of their own. I remember being told “we don’t hate Jews.” However, it’s all a lie. Observe WNs in person long enough (which is about 5 mins) and you will see that the two overlap. I think that some people start off thinking that they are WN because they are frustrated with affirmative action and the sociological experience of the American of African descent but quickly realize that they are not.

What do I think?
I think that true diversity cannot exist without having a cultural identity of your own to share with the world. That identity is based on common beliefs and practices, rather than by DNA or skin color. The Jewish Homeland of Israel is an example. That being said, if you want to move to another culture’s homeland, you should prepare to adapt to your new culture.

What do you think of Israeli politics?
I would consider myself to be a Likud party supporter. Also, I am not a fan of the ultra-Orthodox. I refer to them as the Jewish Taliban and sometimes they behave as such. This that all people have the right to pray at the Western Wall in the matter that works for them.

I heard you say that there’s no such thing as “the Klan.” What did you mean by that?
Most people don’t realize that there is no one entity called “the Klan.” There are many different Klan groups and they do not always get along with each other. Most WN groups talk about wanting unity but there are way too many egos that get in the way. Groups may work together for awhile but they’ll fight and get all melodramatic about it. There are also several American Nazi organizations. When one group jumps the shark, there’s usually a spinoff – kind of like how Joanie Loves Chochi came after Happy Days.

What does Nazi mean? Are they Right Wing?
Nazi is a derogatory term for National Socialist. It’s a little less vulgar than calling a Republican a “Teabagger.” Incidentally, Republicans and Nazis are VERY different. Nazis are NOT right wing. They are SOCIALIST economically and FASCIST concerning the role of government. Nazis oppose capitalism while Republicans are pro-capitalism. Nazis want  government interference in practically every aspect of life and to redistribute wealth to poor whites. National Socialists have a list called the 25 Points of National Socialism that are based off of the original 25 points published during WWII.

What makes Nazis and KKK different (other than the outfits)?
Nazis belong to a political party called National Socialism and are typically more politically focused whereas KKK is more “Christian” and socially oriented. Klanners tend to be Democrats or support various third party candidates.

How can the KKK be “Christian” when their beliefs are based on hate and violence?
You need to look at it from their warped perspective. They believe in a strange form of Christianity called Christian Identity (CI). Basically, they think they are the “real” Jews. Yeah, weird.

So, what do Nazis believe religiously?
They, ironically, are diverse when it comes to religion. Some are Pagan Odinist, which is a nod to an ancient Norse religion. Some are Christian, some CI, some atheist, some Satanist. Some believe that Hitler personally held Christian beliefs while others believe he was a Christian merely because the Germany people were Christian.

Have there ever been Nazis in America before now?
Yes. During WWII, there was the German American Bund. It started off as a German heritage club but ended up being a branch (albeit a red headed stepchild) of the German Nazi Party. Their leader met with Adolf Hitler on numerous occasions. Their leader was a womanizer who went to prison for misappropriation of funds. They had Communist opposition back then. Additionally, there was George Lincoln Rockwell’s group post WWII and then the famous attempted Skokie march lead by Frank Collins group. Frank Collins ended up being a pedophile who went to jail for awhile. Today in Illinois, Art Jones still attempts to run for Congress but luckily the Republican party has not permitted him to be on the ballot. There are several Nazi groups today. The two biggest are the National Socialist Movement and American Nazi Party though there are always little spinoff groups that form when people get mad and decide to form their own groups.

Is WN big in Illinois?
Tee hee… no. Granted, they are here but their numbers keep shrinking as they get run out of town on a rail. Since the Skokie event, they haven’t had much luck here 😉

Do you have to have blonde hair and blue eyes to be a Nazi?
No, you do not need to be blonde and blue – just crazy.

Are all Nazis skinheads?
No, and all skinheads are not Nazis. There are non-racist and anti-racist skinheads. The skinhead culture was originally more of a working class, music subculture. In fact, the original skinheads were merely working class kids who listened to reggae and wore certain clothes associated with working class. SHARPS – anti-racist skinheads – are violent in nature.

I heard someone talking about the 14 words and ending a conversation with 88. Should I be concerned?
YES. 8 represents the eighth letter of the alphabet and 88 means HH. HH means Heil Hitler. The 14 words is a WN saying that is basically we must preserve the white race and a future for white children. Oh, Klanners with sometimes say 83 – Hail Christ. Sometimes, they sign emails with 1488.

Are there other groups that are more covert?
Yes! Ever hear of these groups: American Renaissance, Occidental Quarterly, Council of Conservative Citizens, National Alliance? There are other WN groups as well. I refer to them as “white collar” nazis as they tend to be better educated. They look like normal, productive members of society. I would consider the American Nazi Party to be in this group while the National Socialist Movement are more blue collar skinheadish drunks covered in tattoos.

What about Ron & Rand Paul?
I agree with some of his economic ideas but will never support him again. Ron Paul took money from a website called Stormfront. Stormfront is a White Pride website. He also took a picture with Stormfront’s founders. He also issued newsletters that included WN material. I don’t trust him or most of his supporters.

What about the John Birch Society?
Technically, JBS is not WN and they have officially said racism will not be tolerated. Will there be racists there? Yes. Is everyone there racist? No.

What are people involved in these groups like?
Again, it is ironic how diverse they are. Most are poor white trash, uneducated, and mannerless. However, there are some people who are very well educated and you would never guess their affiliation to these groups. Regardless, there is a tremendous amount of mental illness, alcoholism, drug use, and domestic violence. They address each other brother and sister. Many believe in polygamy. Most have children out of wedlock. There is a significant amount of pedophilia and family violence.

What is the role of women in these groups?
It varies. They push traditional roles, which may be appealing to Christian conservatives. I have seen female leadership in the organizations. They believe that abortion is acceptable – even encouraged – for non-whites. I have heard of many who run their households using domestic discipline, which I’ll let you look up on your own.  Most consider women to be their property whose purpose is romanticized as being the wives and mothers who perpetuate the race. Usually, women find out that the man she is involved with is involved in these groups after it is too late: such as after marriage. I even heard of a case where she found out after she had a child.

What is RAHOWA?
RAcial HOly WAr. WNs believe that one day, there will be a huge race war. They spend much of their time talking about or preparing for the big race war. (Frankly, I think the Black Panthers and Klanners should just go out to a field and have their little RAHOWA, leave the rest of us out of it.)

Are ALL anti-racists worthy of our trust?
NO! That is why I felt we needed to get an anti-racist discussion group together that is Conservative & Libertarian in nature. There are many different types of anti-racist groups and most are equally as worthless as the racial nationalists. I do not support groups that use violence as a means, ESPECIALLY at public places. Many are Marxist in nature. I do trust One Peoples Project and gave my story to them. There is also the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and I do not have experience with them. I financially support the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League, and Illinois Holocaust Museum. I am a huge fan of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF). I also support Republican Jewish political candidates, as well as non-Jewish Republican candidates who support Israel and limited government.

Why do you sign your posts with Shabbat Shalom… sometimes? And why do you write “G-d” and “L-rd?”
Shabbat Shalom is a greeting that basically means Good Sabbath. Jews observe the Sabbath on Friday nights so I usually try to sign my Friday posts with Shabbat Shalom.

Jews take the commandment of not taking the L-rd’s name in vain very seriously. We believe this applies to the written word as well as the spoken word. We do not throw away prayer books – we bury them. Since I do not know who may print this or what may happen to the paper that has HaShem’s name on it, I put the dash where the “o” would be. It’s a sign of respect to HaShem (HaShem is another way of saying “G-d.”).


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