Conservative Anti-Racist Principles

Here are the principles of a Conservative Anti-Racist:


  1. We bring light to the nations.
  2. Knowledge is power. We are intellectuals and value education. We embrace Tikkun Olam and desire to live in a peaceful, civil society.
  3. We are LAW ABIDING. We work WITH law enforcement and the courts when necessary. We are polite, upstanding members of society. We work side by side with Conservative and Libertarian groups and candidates who share our ideals. That said, we are pro-2nd amendment, pro-self defense, and pro-Israel. We oppose a government that is bigger than described in the Constitution.
  4. We do NOT become the monster that we are trying to stop.
  5. We respect the life of all human beings. We oppose Planned Parenthood, the creation of eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Sanger wanted to use Planned Parenthood to produce what in her mind is better quality people, aka not minorities. The fact that so many babies – overwhelmingly minority babies – die in her abortion clinics is disheartening.
  6. We believe that America is blessed by the differences of its people. We respect all cultures that promote law abiding and respectful principles. However, we do not support cultures that violate the rights of women, promote violence, and hurt others. We believe that individuals should be judged by their actions.
  7. We do not publish names and addresses of racists/fascists or anti-racists/fascists, nor do we wish to harm their families. We believe that neo-nazis, etc are either mentally ill or simply misled – but cannot be allowed to move freely in society. Education and law enforcement are the answers to stopping the spread of racism and anti semitism. In fact, if ever a family member wants to leave the racist/fascist world, we are willing to try to help integrate them back into normal society. (Hi Derek Black.) We understand – and some have personally experienced – the domestic violence that occurs in the white nationalist circles. Our goal is to make the world safe for everyone – and that includes the family of the racist. You should not be ostracized or hurt in any way because of the choices of the person who hurts you. Every time someone leaves the racial nationalist viewpoint behind is victory. Those of us who light sabbath candles include you in our Friday prayers.
  8. The editor of this blog is a Jewish Conservative Republican. I would like to use this blog to bridge the gap between Jews & Christians. Christians are welcome and encouraged to join the editorial team. (No Messianics please)
  9. We do a lot of internet policing and often work with the Jewish Internet Defense Force. We clean up the filth.
  10. Though we understand their frustration, we oppose the tactics of the marxist anti-racists and believe that they hurt, rather than improve, the situation. Violence, especially in front of innocent people, is not excusable. Our goal is to heal the world, not bring more conflict to it.

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